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IT Support and Networking Services

Fixing a computer

Improved Security Posture

You and your team can rest comfortably knowing that M6 Technologies' security-focused services have you covered.  From a 24x7x365 Secure Operations Center, endpoint EDR, privileged access management services and dual-factor authentication to our vulnerability scanning services, M6 always has an eye on your enterprise assets to provide you with the best possible protection against today's cyber threats.

Proactive Support & Services

“M6 Managed IT” provides monitoring services, secure remote support access via Datto RMM, automatic updates and patching after testing and status reports. We also provide routine on-site maintenance and emergency response services. Our proactive support typically notifies our clients of any issues before they realize they have one. This helps our staff minimize the downtime a client might otherwise experience.

Secure File Sync & Sharing

M6 Workplace powered by Datto is an enterprise grade FSS solution empowering business teams to be more productive, efficient and collaborative. Access any type of business content using any device from anywhere. M6 Workplace can also be used to securely share documents with third party contacts.

Network and Endpoint Security

M6 Technologies incorporates enterprise level firewalls with Advanced Threat Detection, web threat protection and content filtering. Server, desktop and mobile device protection is implemented on every managed resource. Our support team is automatically notified of any breach, threat or irregularity.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

No one likes a disaster or total system failure, but that doesn't mean businesses should not prepare for them. In today's world your data is your business. Extended periods of downtime can cripple if not close a business. Don't risk what you have worked so hard to build. Protect your success!
We implement state-of-the-art disk to disk to cloud (D2D2C) recovery solutions that replicate backups to the cloud at intervals that you determine. These secure data centers protect your data offsite without the need of user assistance. M6 Technologies also provides an additional quarterly archiving service. Our staff will archive your recovery appliance and store it in a vault at our office.

We take backup and recovery solutions seriously. In fact, if a business feels they don't need a backup and recovery solution, they don't need M6 Technologies.

Budgets, Strategies and Planning

M6 Technologies has the experience to help you budget for, plan and develop IT strategies to optimize your business. Our expertise in the computer networking field (coupled with partnerships with companies that provide software customization, Internet Services and telephony solutions) enable us to lay out a road map for your success.
We will work with you from the planning stage, to project management, through installation, testing and training until the project is fully implemented. Budgets are planned, developed and detailed. They can be modified to fit your financial requirements. We don't dictate what you need. We listen, recommend and work with you to make the solution fit.

Network "Cleanups"

A sound infrastructure is imperative for a network to perform smoothly. If your business network experiences latency, connectivity issues, printing issues or system lockups, this is preventing you from doing business efficiently. In most instances these issues are caused by poor wiring techniques, network configuration issues or both.
M6 Technologies has extensive experience in diagnosing and resolving network infrastructure issues. Once the issues are found and addressed, these networks run efficiently and smoothly, usually with little or no additional hardware costs.

Before our network cleanup service!
Before our network cleanup service!

After our network cleanup service.
After our network cleanup service.
A much more organized server room!
A much more organized server room!

Additional Services and Solutions:

Server & PC Issues
Connectivity Problems
Mobile Security Concerns
Virus & SPAM Problems

The Benefits of M6 Managed IT

Money Savings: You use our staff – you don’t need a full-time IT employee or staff which reduces labor costs. Minimize expensive downtime and disasters by using monitoring and updating applications that keep your network running optimally. Our proactive service essentially eliminates downtime and increases the efficiency of your team.

Predictable IT Spending: Our affordable monthly rate includes a block of non-billable on-site hours. This includes a yearly network/IT review with substantial discounts on our services after block hour use. Your partnership gives you full access to our help desk and technicians – all for a budgeted monthly cost with no hidden fees, which helps control your IT costs.

Experienced, Qualified & Trained Staff: Our team experiences and resolves IT issues in multiple environments and across different platforms which enables us to provide resolutions in a timely manner. We are trained professionals you can rely on. We stay up to date with training and certification so you don’t have to.

Implement Proven Technologies: We provide infrastructure, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Email SPAM & Virus Protection, Security, and Hosted (Cloud) Offerings. We implement stable, proven, reliable technologies. We test and evaluate new technologies before implementing them – we’re the “guinea pig,” not our clients.

Stay Focused on Your Business: With limited resources and management, you can stay focused on your business and outsource to M6. We are your IT guys; you and your staff don’t need to be. With M6 on hand, you can concentrate on your core business.

Peace of Mind: With M6 Managed IT and Hosted Offerings you don’t have to worry about hardware, updates, new technologies or monitoring your key servers and PCs. Procedures and monitoring are in place to expedite service delivery and minimize downtime. Our Hosted Email, Security and Backup offerings included 99.99% uptime guarantees through our trusted and key vendors. Enjoy the peace of mind, knowing the systems you depend on each day are up and running!